Personal Training

Our staff is comprised of health care professionals and nationally certified physical fitness trainers.  Read More

Physical Therapy

We are owned and operated by a Physical Therapist with over 30 years of experience with functional fitness.   Read More


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"...As a result of Edward’s expertise in developing a personalized workout routine plus regular physical therapy, I have been able to avoid taking prescription medications except when I over do, and I have regained mobility and better balance."

-Suzanne Vinson Hamilton

“...I originally went to Edward as a client after seeing the effect he had on an acquaintance of mine. Like her I was becoming sedentary, needing someone to jump start me into exercising. That was five years ago, and now I consider Edward my preventive medical plan.”

-Jean C. Moss

Personal Training

Why should you seek the help of a Personal Trainer?

  • A personal trainer can help you improve strength, flexibility, and endurance, posture or achieve whatever personal goals you have set.
  • A personal trainer can help you develop strategies and set realistic goals for your total overall well being   that can be progressed as expectations are met.
  • Lack of time is one of the biggest reasons cited for not exercising. A personal trainer can help create a program that is both effective and efficient and maximizes the time you have available.

Our Fitness trainers will provide you with a:

Fitness evaluation 
This is a series of tests designed to assess cardiovascular fitness, body-fat percentage, flexibility and muscular strength and endurance.

Personalized exercise program 
An individualized exercise program is designed based on the individual's fitness evaluation results and personal fitness and health goals.

Supervised exercise 
Personal attention during exercise is the primary function of personal trainers. Clients are given a detailed orientation that addresses the aerobic, strength and flexibility components of the exercise program, and are educated about the fundamentals of strength and aerobic training, as well as the proper and safe use of equipment. 
We provide the client with the confidence & knowledge they need to achieve personal fitness goals. All trainers have an educational background in health & fitness, have experience in developing fitness & wellness programs and all are nationally certified as Physical Fitness Trainers.